martes, 7 de julio de 2015

Hi all! I have such a stonking bank-holiday offering this wednesday in Fruto Dulce Tangos - I'll be waiting to greet you with glad rags on!
Happy *free* class of cuban salsa and rock specially tailored to allow us to better enjoy the cortinas, thats at 8pm followed by the brilliant tango class by superb maestro Julio Altez, aided by the stunning and talented Carla Espinoza.
At 10.30pm we start dancing with DJ Frank Rossi - it'll be special!

At midnight Don Julio will blow out his candles for his 89 years of age... Past midnight we will have 5 couples competing over 2 tangos for a place in the Semifinal of the Campeonato Inter-Milongas - CIM - you can figure that spanish out for yourselves I'm sure...
After 1am we'll enjoy the show of Malevo a rocking band of merry malambo-ers, very fitting as the 9th July is a National holiday for the Act of Independance signed on said day in Tucuman in 1916.

Fruto Dulce Tangos | La milonga de los Miércoles en Malcolm
Clase de Salsa Cubana y Rock 20hs | Clase de Tango 21hs | Baile 22.30hs
Av. Cordoba 5064 | Cap. Fed.
Reservas | 1538774888

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